My First Roll Of Film
Aug. 4, 2017

This post could be also called as "How I Fell In Love With Paris”. For me Paris is definitely a love at the first sight. A beautiful city full of art, parks, café corners and great architecture.

When I visited the city back in 2015 I made a decision to leave my heavy DSLR and lenses at home. I just brought an old film camera - Zenit ET, that my dad used to shoot bangers back in days. I bought some cheap bw film and I was ready to go. I had zero experience with film what so ever. Later I found that a light was leaking through the back of my camera all the time. After all, nothing of this really matters because I came back home full of inspiration, with a new point of view and also with refreshed mind. Paris in spring is really a magical place to be.

Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens is definitely on a list of my personal favorite places in whole Paris. I could sit there all day and just observe the unique people and their tiny stories. I really felt connected.

Paris, April 2015