With no idea what we gonna do in Romania I bought really cheap bus tickets (total price of one bigger pizza). And that’s really how this trip came together - spontaneously. Everyone in my circle keeps telling me that Romania is really wild country and for sure I’ll be kidnapped or at least eaten by bears. Actually, any of these things hadn't been true. In the end, the Carpathian Mountains really touched my heart and I’ll do my best to show you why.

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My First Roll Of Film
Aug. 4, 2017

This post could be also called as "How I Fell In Love With Paris”. For me Paris is definitely a love at the first sight. A beautiful city full of art, parks, café corners and great architecture.

When I visited the city back in 2015 I made a decision to leave my heavy DSLR and lenses at home. I just brought an old film camera - Zenit ET, that my dad used to shoot bangers back in days. I bought some cheap bw film and I was ready to go. I had zero experience with film what so ever. Later I found that a light was leaking through the back of my camera all the time. After all, nothing of this reall...

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